Disruptive innovation – doing things differently – combined with new technologies; that’s the expertise of Business Innvoation Campus de Gasfabriek, where Aime is located. In this interesting place for growth, Aime deploys her knowledge about Artificial Intelligence (and specifically machine learning) and big data to invent and develop new solutions for the customer of our customer.

The first step towards doing that is creating awareness. Because, put simply, what benefit do AI and Big Data have for contemporary organizations? And how will this technology impact my job? And society as a whole? Only at the moment that an opportunity provided by a technology becomes apparent, we can start working hands-on towards new, innovative propositions.

Specifically for this reason Aime has created the workshop Artificial Intelligence & Big Data. Monthly, visitors are welcomed to be taken along on an experience that shows them opportunities emerging from applying AI and Big Data in your organization. Besides those monthly sessions, we also give dedicated variants of our workshops.

The Dutch tax office has accepted the opportunity offered by our workshop. Today, they visited our offices in Deventer to follow the workshop. But we did not do that alone. No: also other technologies, such as blockchain, entered the discussion table – in workshops given by the startups specialized in that particular technology.

We are looking back to a very interesting day. Thanks to the organizing committee and… see you soon!