Besides developing smart software powered by Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Aime also gives workshops and guest lectures to inspire people. It includes our regular workshop Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, in which we look at the impact of AI and Big Data at organizations, but there is more. We also developed the guest lecture AI: Technology and Business for universities and universities of applied sciences. But since recently, you can also hire us if you would like a technical workshop – we’d love to inspire you through our hands-on workshop AI in 1.5 hours.

Yesterday, we were able to give the workshop for an enthusiastic group of IT students at Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer. The workshop was a part of the New Technology Drinks organized by de Gasfabriek together with study association Pro-ACT. Besides those workshops, Iotify also gave a workshop related to the Internet of Things. The workshops were closed off with drinks and a pizza, during which the students and Gasfabriek tech startups could meet and discuss new technologies. What’s more, students could also experience the various new technology demos present on the Gasfabriek premises, among which a virtual reality set and our AI object recognition demo.

Based on the responses – “creating a model always seemed so complex to me, but now I saw that it only costs 20 lines of code for a basic model!” – we’re looking back to a very successful day. We enjoyed cooperating with Pro-ACT and we are consequently looking forward to another edition.

Would you like to experience AI workshops yourself at the Gasfabriek premises or, perhaps, your own? Would you like to learn coding macine learning models yourself or would you like to investigate the impact of AI on your business? Feel free to get in touch or take a look at! We serve delicious coffee.