Artificial intelligence (AI) is a true gamechanger for planet and business and is already present in many aspects of our lives. Every company and organization needs to determine its position in this field and decide on the best way forward to leverage on its benefits.

Aime is convinced that the best way forward starts with the strengths of a company and by making optimal use of the expertise and data already present within the company. From that point onward new value creation for your customers and therefore your company
can be approached in a step-wise manner.

In the innovation workshop a framework is built up with which participants can assess the merits of AI and Big data within the company. The framework is subsequently applied to map the possibilities and ambitions for your company. As the next step the group often splits into separate teams working on individual ideas that can be brought forward for decision making in your company at a later stage.

An innovation workshop typicially spans two to four hours, depending on the arrangements made with your organisation. For more information please contact Jeroen Bolhuis,, tel. +31(0)652264797.


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