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Valuable and creative work thanks to AI & Big Data - that's what we love. Daily, we craft smart software which makes this possible.

Our software Workshop AI & Big Data

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AI packaged as Smart Software

That is our specialty. We know how we can convert your data sets into machine learning models, but it doesn't end there. Through intuitive web apps and mobile apps, we ensure that your employees can benefit from the value created by new technologies.

Software as a Service

Your smart software runs in the cloud, in a European data center.

State-of-the-art technology

Your software is built using the most recent technologies.

Integrate through APIs

Link your own software to our machine learning models via smart APIs.


Together with your experts

Your experts train the machine; your machine amplifies your experts.

Intuitive front-ends

We strive to build inclusive software, which opens up AI & Big Data to many.

Towards becoming a platform

If desired, we market your software together. An interesting business model.

We are located at Business Innovation Campus de Gasfabriek in Deventer. Over there, we work on challenging software products in an interdisciplinary way, together with other companies. We often bridge between AI, Big Data and other technologies, such as blockchain, virtual reality and IoT.


Recent blogs

We love to keep you up to date about recent developments in AI and Big Data.

Christian Versloot | 28 May 2019

AI in your organization? Use common sense!

Recently, we’ve witnessed an abundant amount of news articles covering the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ – or AI for short. Specifically, those stories make you frown, as they somehow hint that...

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Christian Versloot | 21 May 2019

Next steps with Nouryon: using chemical data to improve outstanding service

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data can, whenever applied with common sense, create value in a large number of industries. This includes the chemical industry. Together with Nouryon in Deventer, we...

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Christian Versloot | 10 May 2019

Towards a smart heat pump with AI and Big Data

In the previous years, fossil fuels have shown to contribute substantially to global warming of which the challenges face our country as well as the entire world. The Netherlands is...

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Our team

With those people, we work on our smart software on a daily basis.


Gertjan Boks

AI & Innovation


Christian Versloot

AI & Technology


Jeroen Bolhuis

Commerce & Innovation


Gavin Hartog

Software Trainee


Tom Huiskes

Software Trainee


Bas Hendrikse

Software Engineer

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