Artificial intelligence is like a car. You can get far if you supply it with enough fuel. That’s one of the key takeaways from the guest lecture about AI and Deep Learning in E-Commerce we gave Business Information Technology students at the University of Twente last Tuesday. Data, and in particular the large and varied datasets known as big data, is one of the critical success factors for AI models.

In our lecture, we took students on a trip down the history of AI. We went back hundreds of years and started with Charles Babbage, whose Difference Engine and Analytical Engine were the starting point for the computer revolution. Hundred years after his life, it was further accelerated during the era in which Alan Turing lived, after which questions about artificial intelligence emerged and were answered.

Subsequently, students discovered what a Deep Neural Network is, what varieties of neural networks exist and how you can train one.

AI in E-Commerce: examples and students’ future jobs

After the break, we showed students a number of examples about how artificial intelligence plays a role in online business. Great examples of such applications are the Amazon Go concept, but also the role of AI in Uber’s business and what it requires is very interesting from both the business and technology points of view.

Finally, we showed students the results of a recent survey on the impact of AI on everyone’s jobs. Creativity and strategy are critical aspects of the jobs of the future, since they cannot be replicated successfully by AI systems. Based on six interaction patterns between men and machines, students discovered how they can prepare for their future AI-driven careers.

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