Gasfabriek startups are known for their flexible collaborations. By consequence, our current projects in which new technologies are developed and validated are approached in a very versatile way.

Our collaborative approach to growing companies became apparent today during the workshops Artificial Intelligence & Big Data and the Internet of Things for Nouryon, formerly AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals. Aime gave her workshop together with Iotify, which was responsible for the IoT part.

The combined workshop was given in the context of the pilot AI & Big Data currently being undertaken for the Gasfabriek and Nouryon. In this pilot, various data flows from the lab are synthesized. From this synthesis, a data set of historic and recent data emerges which will be used for training various machine learning models, useful to the research department of the Deventer premise of the chemical company.

AI and Big Data are already omnipresent

The main takeaway reported by the Nouryon employees who participated in our workshop is that AI and Big Data are already omnipresent today. While Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana are very noticeable examples of AI systems, deep fakes with which Donald Trump’s voice can be replicated by writing text are not. Especially when the impact for one’s own oral agreements became clear, the participants looked at AI in a different way.

In general, our workshop helped the participating Nouryon employees understand what AI and Big Data are, when it is useful and how fast the developments are moving forward.

IoT: from Bluetooth based gaming to serious applications

After our workshop, it was time for Iotify to demonstrate the power of the Internet of Things. While data is gold, they stated, new data must emerge from somewhere. Sensor technology itself and smart ways to allow them to communicate spawns various business opportunities… when applied with common sense. Gold mining, in a sense! When the gold is mined, according to Iotify’s team, Aime can help shaping it – by taking the gold smith as an analogy.

Various live applications came across during the IoT workshop, among which live sensors which can monitor indoor climate in the workshop venue as well as a Bluetooth Low Energy based game. The participating employees from Nouryon experienced what it is like to play a variant on Snake using self-built controllers, i.e., the strength of low energy communications protocols.

Of course, more serious applications were also highlighted. Track and trace systems and automating production – those were all examples being mentioned, followed by a clear explanation about which communication protocols are suitable given those applications.

Your own AI workshop, also on-premise

Aime offers two variants of her workshop AI & Big Data. Monthly, we organize a general workshop on campus at De Gasfabriek in Deventer. It will be tailor made to suit the preferences of all participants. Our most upcoming workshop takes place on November 23rd – subscribing can be done up to and including Friday!

It is also possible to organize a dedicated workshop for your organization. It happens at your offices on request, but a visit to the Gasfabriek campus is also possible. By combining various technologies, such as AI/BigData with blockchain technology, virtual reality and the Internet of Things – we can make it happen together with our partners. Visit our workshop page for more information.

Of course, we also invite you for coffee when you have an idea for applying AI and Big Data which you would like to discuss with Aime. In that case, please reach out to us via our contact page.