On Tuesday 5 February 2019, the Province of Zuid-Holland organized the Festival van de Toekomst (English: Festival of the Future), a festival which demonstrated new technologies and their impact on our society. The festival, which was led by among others Dutch weather man Gerrit Hiemstra and Dutch illusionist Victor Mids, revolved around technology lectures and an innovation fair.

Aime was present at both, together with Gasfabriek startups PreVisual and Autraq. During the technology innovation fair we showed our Smart Software and discussed its benefits with many interested visitors. This resulted in interesting contacts for follow-ups!

Later that day, Aime’s Jeroen gave a technology lecture in which he presented Aime’s vision for Predictive Road Maintenance. This vision, which we are developing collaboratively with a number of provinces, was received well by the infrastructure related civil servants.

We are looking back to a very rewarding day!