Over the coming years, big data and artificial intelligence will greatly impact peoples’ jobs. Additionally, how their organizations and their customers interact changes as well, due to the increasingly richer information available for interpretation. Gasfabriek startup Aime specializes in utilizing large data sets to put its customers one step ahead.

AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals, the Deventer based premise of the AkzoNobel multinational corporation, asked Aime to conduct a feasibility study in the period between August and September 2018. In this study, we analyzed the data landscape of AkzoNobel’s Polymer Chemistry facility in Deventer. Based on our findings, we identified opportunities for AkzoNobel to improve its already exceptional customer service.

On September 20, we presented our findings to AkzoNobel in Deventer.

Four phases of AI and Big Data

Aime has created a Four Phases model which shows how AI and Big Data can be utilized by any organization. It has served as a framework for the feasibility study and shows at once how an organization is currently creating value with those new technologies. It comprises these phases, which together are a spectrum from ‘unaware’ to ‘fully data driven’:

  1. Awareness: big data exists within your organization too and is a critical success factor for creating value with AI. AI models, in return, can be potentially disruptive to your market – and by being a leader, you can get steps ahead from your competitors. Phase 1 revolves around creating this awareness within your organization, for example by introducing your employees to appealing examples via our workshop. Do you recognize the opportunities within your data?
  2. Start quickly: phase 2 revolves around mapping the opportunities of AI and Big Data to your business. We create insight in your current data landscape. This results in a clear foundation upon which new applications can be created. Is your data scattered around? Aime brings those streams of data together.
  3. Identify new applications: Aime is part of Business Innovation Campus de Gasfabriek in Deventer, which is a campus that is specialized in corporate innovations. Young minds together with serial entrepreneurs invent new applications based on new technologies which may serve your business now and five years from now. Phase 3 revolves around inventing new opportunities and creating ‘quick wins’ for them, which we can scale afterwards.
  4. Scaling up: when the Phase 3 software clearly demonstrates to create value to your business, we can help scale it up. Based on the foundation from Phase 2 we then invent new applications that we develop in the saem spirit. Develop your business in a data driven way!

Our model, which has been inspired by scientific research into the adoption of Information Technology, allows organizations to enter our innovation process at any level of digital maturity. Skipping a phase is however impossible: growing requires hard work. Based on our model, Aime can bring AI/Big Data driven innovation to your organization as well. Are you interested? Please accept our invitation to get in touch. We serve delicious ☕ in Deventer. If that doesn’t work, we are happy to pay you a visit!

Workshop AI and Big Data

Would you like to discover for yourself how your organization can create value with AI and Big Data? Feel free to visit our workshop, in which we show. Our next one is on October 19th. More information and subscribing: meetaime.com/workshop